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Kuc Majak and Achay Dau

Kuc Majok Majak and his wife Achay Atorjong Dau on their first visit to native homeland “South Sudan” after more than two decades in exile were shocked to see the monumental level of destruction caused by the Arab Islamic Regime in the area. Especially shocking was how numerous children, both girls and boys were left out of education and consequently deprived of skills that could have help them find jobs which would’ve helped them to sustain and create better lives.

The couple is pursuing their vision to build a permanent Vocational College to help the helpless children, who were part and true parcel of the larger community. With the help of friends such as Dr. Marvin Mich, Mr. Bill Pickett, Mr. Dick Monacell, Mr. Isse Abukar from Somalia and St. Mary’s Church in Rochester, NY, their dream is becoming a reality. The couple created the vision for the vocational college and are raising funds to build the institute.

The Northern Bhar El Ghazal governor, H.E. Paul Malong Awan, instructed the Acting minister of infrastructure, H. Ronald Deng to offer a large plot of land for the school. The state minister of education, H. Stephen Chol agreed to provide teachers and workers to the school upon completion of the school’s construction. Nonetheless, our final gratitude goes to H. Garang Kout Kout, the State Secretary General, who exerted personal effort to see that this dream becomes a reality.



To offer assistance and educational support to the refuges’ “African families” where they maybe situated and in making a transition to the cultural changes they encountered after they move to the United States of America.


To educate the general public through outreach and other efforts as to the positive cultural aspect of the African Family.

Advisory Board

Deacon David Palma

St. Mary’s Church, Downtown


Mr. Ted Malone



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