Aweil State

Aweil State was one of 28 states established in South Sudan on October 2, 2015 by President Salva Kiir. The constitutionality of the 28 states is being contested by opposition parties and civil sector groups. The first and current governor of Aweil State is Ronald Ruai Deng. It borders Gogrial to the East, Wau to the South, Lol to the West, Aweil East to the North. The population of Aweil State was 60,000 people in 2008.


Ajak County
Capitol Malek

Kongder County
Capitol Amajrol

Boncuei County
Capitol Teraliet

Barmayen County
Capitol Barmayen

Maduany County
Capitol Maduany

Chemal County
Capitol Chemal

Aroyo County
Capitol Aroyo

Ariakriak County
Capitol Ariariak